If you or your band are just starting out, there are plenty places you can go to make a cheap demo to give to friends and family. I actually recommend it! You'll get your feet wet, get some experience in a new environment, and you'll have a blueprint on what you need to improve on.
However, If you're serious about your music, and you think you're ready to compete in the big league's. . .. demos just won't cut it.
These days, demos are expected to sound like records. And with so many artists and bands having polished sounding recordings, you really can't afford to be the one whose recording doesn't sound up to par.
When it comes to making a professional, polished recording, there are only a few choices in the area. I suggest you talk to, and listen to the work of every producer/engineer in the area BEFORE you make a decision. Choosing the right producer/engineer and studio, is almost as important as choosing a band member!
I'm VERY passionate about what I do! I invite you to come by my studio, listen to my work and get an idea of my approach to making music. Then you can make an informed decision on whether I'm the right person for your project.

My regular studio rate is $50/hr but I'm offering a special day rate of

$350 for a 10 hour day!

Call (215)816-5372


Gear List:


Toft ATB24


Adam S3A's

Yamaha NS10's


Custom Mains w/ Custom Tube Power Amps

Adcom GFA 545-II

Outboard Pre's

API 3124+PI

AWTAC Awesome Channel x 2

Chandler TG Channel

Vintech X73

Dynamics and Eq's

Inward Connections The Brute

Empirical Labs EL8 (2)

Neve Portico 5043

Smart Research C2

DBX 160X

FMR Audio RNC (3)

SPL Transient Designer 4 Ch

A-Designs Hammer

Overstayer FET

Outboard FX

Bricasti M7

Lexicon PCM70

Lexicon PCM 42

TC Electronics M-One

TC Electronics Finalizer

Sans Amp PSA-1

Peavey Kosmos

Tons of Pedals!!!!

Avalon U5

Little Labs IBP


Wunder CM7GT

Lawson 251

Royer 121

AKG 414 / 451B / D112 (2)

Microtech Geffel M930

M-A KM69

AT 4051 (2)/ 4040 (2)

M-Audio Sputnik

Shure SM7B / SM 57's

Sennheiser MD421 / MD409

Beyer M69 (2)

Yamaha Sub-Kick

The Digital Side

Burl B2 Bomber AD Converter

Apogee AD-16X

Apogee DA-16X

Apogee Rosetta 800

Apple G5 Dual 2 Gig

Apple Logic Pro/ Pro Tools LE/Digital Performer

SSL Duende

UAD 1 Ultra Pack (2 Cards)

Sound Toys Suite

Huge Plug In - Soft Synth & Sample Library

Amps & Instruments

1973 Rogers Drum Kit

Straub Cantus 50

Vox AC30


Reverend Hellhound

Vox AD50AT

Sunn Concert Lead

Gibsons, Fenders, Santa Cruz, More Gibsons, BC Rich, Reverend, Rickenbacher

Assorted Guitar Cabs

Some Cool Hardware Synths and Controllers








Don't you owe it to yourself and your music to have a recording

you will want to listen to for years to come?




Comfortable, creative workspace and great drum sounds!!!




It doesn't matter how good the gear is if the vibe and experience aren't there...




The key to the studio is the engineer. Mitch Kricun's recordings can be heard all around the world on Radio, Television and Movies. A Berklee College of Music Alumni, Mitch's musical diversity and years of professional experience will ensure that you realize your musical vision.





Let a Published, Award-Winning Songwriter guide you through your production










The cutting edge equipment you're looking for...







C...with the personal attention you need to take your production to the next level!